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Main Services

We build and host websites for every business from startups to well established corporations. We start with your ideas, writing, pictures and wish list and supply whatever else is required to give you a modern, professional website that enhances your image in today's marketplace.

Our services are priced to be affordable to small business budgets. Our monthly hosting plans for business websites start as low as $9.95/month for self-maintained websites. In our more advanced plans, we handle everything related to your website for you including updates, maintenance and changes.

In the roles of artists, designers and writers, we work together to create a unique site specifically targeted to your audience, working harmoniously with your marketing strategy, purpose and goals.

Our published labor rate is $35 per hour. On smaller projects, we can give you a quote before work begins so you know what you are committing to. Our commitment to you is that you don't pay until you are satisfied!

Jerry Hignight is our in-house Certified PayPal Developer. He is available to assist with integration projects when time permits. Look him up at PayPal's Certified Developer website.

We work closely with you to create flyers, posters, handouts, logos, business cards, banners, email advertising, newletter designs, and anything else you might need in printed or electronic media.

How about a flip book version of your catalogue or booklet to put on your website? Or a custom logo for your new program?

Our artists, writers and editors can take your written copy, ideas and concepts and polish them up for you and make them appealing to your target audience. We can make small or large changes to the content of your website to keep it fresh and current. Or we can overhaul your site for you to take you to the next level.

Recent Client Comments

The brochure you designed for me to advertise my business is perfect. You included all of the things I had asked for; the color, the theme. Your brochure design is much better that what I have been using in the past. I have paid much more for design work in the past and their results were not nearly as good as what you created! And I love showing off the website you made for my business!

You are my new designer! I referred a friend to you who needs website work done and I want you to add my new brochure to my website so my clients can download it! Thank you!

- Terry

The new website you designed for our corporation went way beyond anything I had imagined. We had a meeting with the executives of the corporation and we came up with idea after idea on how we can use the new site to market our products in new ways!

You helped us find a domain name for the site that is very modern and is perfect for our business! We decided to drop the old domain name and the corporation will use the new one in its place. Keep hosting our site and we are adding more manufacturers and products, so we will need new pages with videos. Thank you for the great work you are doing for us!

- Alan

Why Choose Us?

We have the experience and expertise to make a real difference for you so your can focus on what you do best, run your business. Let us handle the technical details while you plan your next moves into the marketplace! Here are a sample of recently completed projects and current work in progress to demonstrate our range of abilities.

These are only a sample of our recent projects, some of which are ongoing.

We also created a website for a new author to promote her new book and are laying plans to create one for another author.

We create websites and do graphic design work for individuals, startups, established small businesses, nonprofits, and Corporations.

Contact us and see how we can help you!